Tuesday, December 13, 2016

This is my street art that i made in art rage of most of the rodeo events. I first made the pictures stencils and then traced them with black. Then i traced the rope outline to kind of confine the picture.

This is my rhythm/movement of a turtle that i picked out and then made it a stencil. Then in art rage i colored it and duplicated it to make them lined up.
This is my Rothko-esque painting that i created on art rage. I started out by blending pink with other colors and making the background. Then, I put orange, blue, and light pink in rectangles and blended it.

This is my scanned felt tip drawing of a carrot. First i drew it on a paper with a felt tip pen, then i scanned it and colored it in on photo shop.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

This is my celebrity animal name of Simon Cowell. I used a picture of a cow and then cropped the head and lighted it s you can see some of his face. Then I put it on his face and added the frame. After that, I went to dafont and created his name to put into the picture.