Thursday, March 23, 2017

This is my Classical "painted" portrait of a picture i took of my dog. (The right one is the original pic)
This is my creative blurring of cows in a pasture and i picked one cow to be focused on.
This is my portrait Montage Using Different Backgrounds. I cut myself out of a different picture and put it into the background i made.
This is my Self-Portrait Montage with different filters. I used photoshop filters, snapchat filters, and photo booth filters.
This is my triple portrait evolution of a cat. I put a yarn background and the new born (close to), kitten, and then a cat.
This is my candy land landscape of 3 gingerbread men and their houses with lollipop trees and a gummy bear plane pulling a red vine banner.

Friday, March 17, 2017

30 Day Photo Challenge 

Day 1 Favorite Food

Day 2 Smile

Day 3 Happiness

Day 4 Leaves

Day 5 Morning Sky

Day 6 Books

Day 7 Something Funny

Day 8 Favorite Color

Day 9 Inspiring Person (my sister)

Day 10 Nature

Day 11 Something Old (mission in the background)

Day 12 Hair

Day 13 Written Words

Day 14 Movement

Day 15 Leading Lines

Day 16 Symmetry And Patterns

Day 17 Framing

Day 18 Depth Of Field

Day 19 Rule of Thirds

Day 20 Best Friend (the rider is my friend and my horse too)

Day 21 Where You Sleep

Day 22 In Your Closet

Day 23 Gratitude

Day 24 Something New

Day 25 Animal

Day 26 Worms Eye View of Tree

Day 27 Artwork

Day 28 Daily Routine

Day 29 Nighttime

Day 30 Light

Thursday, March 2, 2017

This is my Art Addition to Masterpiece of Mona Lisa.
This is my Repetition Used in a Creative Way of a picture i took of my dog.
This is my Look Who's in Our School where I put almost all of the Looney Tunes characters and a Angry Bird flying across.
This is my Disproportionate Photo of a Hippo and Zebra looking at a tiny Giraffe.
This is my World Traveler Picture of the 4th & Wonders of the Modern World.